Wedding in The Bahamas at Grand Isles Resort Exuma Bahamas

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Wedding in The Bahamas at Grand Isles Resort Exuma Bahamas

Corey and Justin were married at Grand Isle Resort in Exuma, Bahamas.  This crew knows how to have fun! Corey and Justin started off their destination wedding with a sunset welcome party on the beach.  Their guest enjoyed drinks, music, and lots of toasts to set the relaxed, fun mood of the entire weekend. 


The next day, Corey and Justin had the most beautiful day for a beachside wedding.  But the party that went late into the night that night, only carried into the most fun post-wedding excursion we have seen, as they and their families went on boats to visit the infamous swimming pigs of Exuma! 


This wedding was so much fun, but be careful, watching this film will have you planning a trip to the Bahamas before you know it!


Corey & Justin Wedding in The Bahamas

Before we move forward I'd like to read a portion of the actual ketubah that Corey and Justin sign last week in Arizona we pledge to cherish and sustain each other meeting life's trials with quiet strength and courage and meetings light meeting life's blessings would wonder joy and laughter we will grow as individuals and delight in elegant freedom born from mutual respect through all time and space there will be no story like ours.

Justin knew you were the right one I knew you were the right one we all knew you were the right one you are an angel you are good for him and it makes us so happy to see how happy the two of you are Justin we're very proud of you in the man that you've become [Music] our story began as a friendship but with a deeper connection that couldn't be ignored they say a lot in life is timing and in hindsight I think that is absolutely true life with you has not only been an adventure but it has come naturally and easily.

Corey, I love how over the years you have always stayed true to your fun quirky passionate, and adventurous self what's most important is that you have found someone who appreciates and mirrors those exact qualities in yourself this is the tough part I'm Corey are 10 years of friendship have taught me so much you're quite possibly the most genuine open-hearted compassionate selfless and honest bougie belly I have ever met you are the most caring generous genuine kind person I know and I'm so blessed with shared such a large part of my life with you even as we have aged and with thousands of miles between us I feel closer to you than ever celebrating each other's weddings just six months apart is a true highlight to our friendship but I think it's easy to say with you and Justin your best years are yet to come

One thing I know for sure is that he will literally do anything for his friends and those he loves and Corey is by no means any different I see the way Justin looks at you like you're his whole entire world whenever I'm around these two they're either laughing at each other hysterically or crying from laughing too hard as mentioned before Justin your judgment and success is unparalleled I think Corey is exemplary of that I first met Justin sophomore year with Corey at a friend's house their chemistry disguised with friendship at that time was undeniable they just seemed to get each other it was so natural so easy and you both just lit up when you're around each other.

I think it is safe to say the best thing I ever did was send you a Facebook message back in 2007, I have no idea what kind of wild ride I was in the store for Corey you've been the love of my life for over a decade now I always knew we would be together I just knew it you still give me butterflies and I am complete knowing that you're my wife you are the most amazing person and we have the best times together I promise to always love you with all of my heart I promise to do my best to make you the happiest girl in the world I promise to always make you my priority and I promise to love you more tomorrow than I do today.

Take everything we have everything about our journey has taught me something and holds a special place in my heart many here see you as this wild crazy and at times immature person but I see you for so much more you are thoughtful and kind you are spontaneous and always down for an adventure I know I can be indecisive at times especially when it comes to choosing what I want to eat for dinner but the quickest and easiest decision I ever made was becoming your wife. I can't wait to see what life has in store for us and I am so happy to share this weekend with all of you our closest friends and family who I know travel so far to be here it is not easy getting here and we cannot thank you enough without you this weekend would not be what it is without you.



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