Application for Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Bahamas

Call or WhatsApp 1-(242)-395-8495 for Certified Copy of Bahamas Marriage Certificate

Need a certified copy of your Bahamas marriage certificate? While the online My Gateway portal won't work for you, no worries, just complete the Application for Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Bahamas below and we will search The Bahamas Marriage records for you and get your certified certificate to you within 5 Business Days. 

Application for Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Bahamas

Call or WhatsApp 1-(242)-395-8495 for Certified Bahamas Marriage Certificate

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Application for Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Bahamas

What's an Application for certified copy of marriage certificate Bahamas? Well, once you have had your dream wedding in The Bahamas, it is time to show it off to the world. And to do that you will need to obtain a certified copy of your Bahamas marriage certificate and while My Gateway won't work for you, this form definitely will help you to get a certified copy of your Bahamas marriage certificate. And you will find that form conveniently on this page.

Certified Bahamas Marriage Certificate

certified copy of a Bahamas Marriage Certificate is a legally recognized document testifying to the world of your Bahamas marriage's authenticity. This document is often used for legal purposes like changing a last name, applying for visas, and more. A certified copy bears a raised seal or mark, indicating that it is an authentic, direct copy of the original register at The Registrar General's Office where all Bahamas marriage records are kept.

While you should have no problems with this as you or your wedding planner should have been given this document by your Bahamas wedding officiant if you were legally married in The Bahamas. However, if you did not receive this document or need a replacement, this can be a confusing process, especially for persons outside of The Bahamas. Fear not!

How do I get a copy of marriage certificate from The Bahamas?

While you won't be able to use the online My Gateway portal, Glenn Ferguson, a licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer, provides you with a fast, efficient, and stress-free way to get a certified copy of your Bahamas Marriage certificate. So if you need a marriage certificate from the Bahamas, simply ASK Glenn or complete the request form below. The government cost for your marriage certificate is $20.00 per copy.

Here is what those who have experienced this service of getting a Certified Bahamas Marriage Certificate had to say...

Peace of mind "I needed my marriage certificate for Health insurance purposes. I am so appreciative of Glenn Ferguson. I can't speak highly enough about the services received from Glenn. He was there every step of the way and promptly updated me during the entire process. Very professional! Very efficient! Very trustworthy! Thank you, Glenn!!🤗 - Wanda Married 


No worries.....went smooth "In today's world we don't know who we can trust. Glenn and his company are the most honest and professional people. I will always support this company and honor their service. Thank you Glenn for being the honest person you are and making my life a little easier and headache free.Peace, love, and Happiness." Deborah L.


"Needed a copy of our wedding certificate and needed it with an apostle ASAP, Glenn was brilliant and got it all too us in no time in Spain. Kept us updated throughout, highly recommend his services.- Nigel Wakeling


"Me and my wife were married in Nassau in 2002 and all of our records, videos, etc were stolen 3 years ago. For about a year I tried to contact the government offices (as well as many other routes) to get a copy of my marriage certificate. I just happened upon Glenn S. Ferguson the Bahamas Wedding Guy thru Google. I had tried too much I decided to call and ask him if he knew who I could contact. I was surprised that he told me he could get it. He was extremely professional, responsive, and he went above and beyond. I spent probably 100 hours on the phone and computer trying to get this and Glenn did exactly what he said he would do. I hired him on a Tuesday night, and Thursday of the same week I had my official Marriage Certificate in my hand in Texas. Great Job Glenn!!! I will tell anyone and everyone about you!" - Hugh 


Above And Beyond My Expectations  "I can’t put into words how grateful I am that I contacted Glenn Ferguson to help me obtain a copy of my marriage certificate from a wedding in the Bahamas. I tried contacting the government office in Nassau by phone and by email, both to no avail. I reached out to Glenn who immediately got back to me and explained to me the entire process and timeline for everything up front. Glenn not only obtained my certified marriage certificate, but got it to me in America the next day! I’m so grateful for all of Glenn’s hard work, constant communication, and unmatched professionalism, and highly recommend him to anyone who needs any kind of official documentation from the Bahamas!" - George


"After months of trying to get my marriage certificate with no luck, I contacted Glen for help on a Thursday he contacted me back on the Friday and by Wednesday morning my certificate was delivered. Amazing service would recommend if you need help" - Linda L


"I'm from NYC and needed a copy of my marriage certificate from 2008 for health insurance purposes. I was very worried as I only had 2 weeks to get the documentation and most websites said 6-8wks before I could get a copy. This service was able to get me a copy in hand in 2 days!!!! I was so reluctant because I had not used the service and didn't have a recommendation but I'm glad I went with them." - Rachel


"We were married in Nassau Bahamas in 2008! We live in North Carolina are going through the international adoption process and needed a new copy of our marriage license. For months we were doing everything we could to order a new one from the Bahamas and it was not successful. I found this website and contacted Glenn Ferguson and he immediately emailed me back, sent me a link to fill out and I had our marriage license two days later! We were amazed!! Then a few months later we needed another copy and I sent Glenn a text message and he overnighted it and we had it the next day! He was so helpful and easy to work with! I would recommend his services to everyone! Thanks, Tara Kilgore Charlotte, NC" - Tara


"We were married on Harbour Island in 1996 and needed a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate. I contacted Glenn Ferguson through the wedding wire website. Glenn's response was quick. He was friendly, polite, and professional. Glenn turned around the marriage license and apostille within a week. Thank you, Glenn." - Gary


"We were married in the Bahamas in 2008. I was going through our personal papers and realized I could not find our official marriage certificate. You can go to the government's page and order one, but I had heard stories of the request taking forever or, not at all. So, I contacted Glenn and within 48 hours I had my wedding certificate delivered fed ex. You will pay a fee for this service, but well worth it. Thank you, Glenn!" - Helen

To get a copy of marriage certificate from the Bahamas, simply ASK Glenn or complete the request form below


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