Record Visitor Arrival for The Bahamas in 2019

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Joy Jibrilu, Director General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism 




Record Visitor Arrival for The Bahamas in 2019


Joy Jibrilu, Director General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism announcing the news of record visitor arrivals for The Bahamas in 2019


I think the whole world not only the Bahamas knows the 2019 was an historic

year for us and that was for multiple reasons. 


We started off the first nine months we were just on such a roll visit arrival numbers were just through the roof double-digit growth and that was on top of the growth in 2018 and then of course we had hurricane Dorian in September where the numbers fell as one would have expected them to fall but what did we do at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, we went straight to work to let the world know that the Bahamas was open for business.  


We got a message out that the best way that the world could help the Bahamas was continuing to come to those islands that were not impacted.  We were all over the world we knew we had to own the story and change the narrative, the results of all that work of what everyone has done and what everyone did and I want to be honest yes we the Ministry of Tourism are owning it but we know that our private sector partners worked with us as well we have hit every record in terms of visitor arrival but our numbers for the Bahamas ever 1.5 million but most importantly for the Bahamas to know we have been at the 6 million visitor mark for the longest period of time and we all knew that it was possible without Hurricane Dorian that we could have potentially hit the 7 million mark.


Notwithstanding our figures have just come in,  and did we hit seven million? Oh yes we did! Did we go above seven million? Oh yes we did! 7.2 million visitor arrivals is the official visitor arrival numbers for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas for 2019.


I'm just choked up because this is such a meaningful milestone for all of us in the Bahamas and it shows that in the face of adversity if you persevere and you believe my team believed we all believed we hit it!


Congratulations Bahamas well done!


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Video courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism



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