Beach Wedding in The Bahamas

Photographer's Top Reason for a Beach Wedding in The Bahamas: The Clearest Water in The World

Morgan and Brett Beach Wedding in Bahamas


A Beach wedding in The Bahamas? There is no question that The Bahamas has the world's best beaches but you would expect me to say that... but to hear it from a destination wedding photographer about beach wedding in Bahamas, well... 


This is what Matt Adcock of Del Sol Photography had to say about the beaches in The Bahamas.



"I must admit that after living in the Mexican Caribbean since 2007, I have been spoiled with perfect turquoise waters….then you show up in the Bahamas… They win.  Hands down, the Caribbean waters around Nassau Bahamas is one of my top lists to photograph a destination wedding."  - Matt


Matt and his company had the opportunity to provide videography and photography services for his clients Morgan and Brett Campbell, who had their beach wedding in The Bahamas, on world-famous Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island, just outside the Four Seasons Ocean Club in Nassau Bahamas,  one of the incredible Bahamas beach wedding venues


And as Matt puts it "Their Bahamas wedding ceremony was so unique because of the crystal clear turquoise water background... The ocean club has the clearest water in the world."


As Matt tells it, Morgan and Brett, were high school sweethearts, so we are delighted to share their wedding with you ...


Morgan & Brett at Bahamas Beach Wedding


Morgan & Brett Bahamas Beach Wedding


Mork's you had my heart from the first day I saw a picture of you you were in a bumblebee Halloween outfit from middle school and I knew that I wanted to be yours ten years ago I somehow found the courage to ask you to the movies.


I actually was on their first date but ever since that night actually it didn’t end as everyone thought it would Morgan actually came to me and she said you know what Lauren I don't think I feel the spark and I was like you know what I think you should give it another chance I think you should really open your heart open your mind and give this boy another chance and she's like you know what you're my best friend I think you're right.



Brett's Groomsmen at Beach wedding in The Bahamas


Freddie for almost a decade I have spent each day loving you laughing with you holding you kissing you dancing with you playing footsies with you and surrounding myself in all that is you and your beautiful soul for the rest of our lives together I vow to make you the happiest girl on the planet that smile and your laugh light up the world and I promise to never stop acting smart.


By the power of your love commitment to each other and by the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now share your first kiss.


I now present to you the newest married couple Mr. and Mrs. Brett Campbell.

You can see the incredible photographs Matt took at this link to their blog.

Guest at Beach wedding in Bahamas

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