How much does a wedding in The Bahamas cost?

Ever wondered how much a destination wedding cost in The Bahamas?
We not only answer this questions but share 4 tips to reduce the cost of a wedding in The Bahamas.

Ocean Club Bahamas Wedding video courtesy of Frangi Pan

How much does a wedding in The Bahamas Cost?

Given the popularity of destination weddings in The Bahamas, I am sure the question often asked is "How much does a wedding in The Bahamas Cost?"  

While The Island Nuptial Bahamas Wedding Package Series prices range between US$925.00 for the Sweet Beginning package and US$11,995.00 for the Eternal Love package.  You can see these amazing affordable Bahamas wedding packages below.

The Cost of 12 Amazingly Bahamas Wedding Packages

However, we considering How much a wedding in The Bahamas cost, the answer could be rather complex, as the cost is affected by your vision for your dream wedding in The Bahamas.

You can chose to be frugal and have an intimate elopement just for two or an eleberate celerbration for 252. The choice is up to you. The good news is that The Bahamas is ideal location, whatever your destination wedding dreams and budget.  And we even share 4 tips to reduce the cost of a wedding in The Bahamas.


Bahamas Destination Wedding Decor




Cheap Bahamas Wedding Packages


While there are no cheap Bahamas weddings, The Island Nuptial Bahamas Wedding Package Series have been designed to provide you with an amazingly affordable wedding in The Bahamas, if you are planning for under 50 guest and these packages can be easily scaled for additional guest.  

The packages have been uniquely designed to include all of the elements needed for your celebration (whether its just the two of you eloping to The Bahamas or you along with 150 guest) and to ensure that your marriage in The Bahamas is legal anywhere you happen to live in the world.

It includes all your legal and paperwork, officiant, Bridal bouquet, wedding witnesses and a venue of your choice. And you have to option to add other elements as you desire, like reception, music, transportation, photography & videography, wedding cake, decor and floral. 

Check out these Bahamas wedding cost here 

4 Tips to Reduce Bahamas Wedding Cost


No matter your budget here are four ideas that you can use to reduce the cost of your wedding in The Bahams.


1. Have your wedding during the offseason.


Having your wedding during the offseason is probably the best way to reduce the cost of a wedding.  By simply avoiding the peak wedding season you will be able to save substantially on everything from banquet catering and photography to travel and accommodations.


Most destination weddings in The Bahamas usually take place between January and April, so your best time will be before and after this busy period.


2. Right-size Guest lists.


Right sizing your guest list,  is another area, where you can substantially reduce the cost of your wedding. And do not make the mistake of thinking persons wont travel and inviting everyone for fear that you wont have the numbers you are expecting at your wedding. Your family and friend will be more than happy to accept your invitation, so be sure to keep it an intimate affair and invite only persons that you really would like to spend time with.


3. Hire An Experience Local Wedding Planner

This one may surprise you but hiring an experienced local wedding plannner is one of the best steps you can take to reduce the cost of yoru wedding. You will find their expertise invaluable and you will also benefit from their already established and primed vendor relationships.

4. Be Open

Planning a destination from afar is challenging so you want to be open to the suggesstions and guidance that your local wedding planner will provide. This why you want to hire a planner that you are comfortable working work, so be sure to do your research.

Extravagant Ocean Club Bahamas Wedding 


As you can see from the video Todd + Maria's wedding was an amazing celebration with family and friends at the One & Only Ocean Club Paradise, now The Ocean Club, A Four Season Resort, Bahamas. 


Along with 150 of their friends and family who made the trip to The Bahamas to celebrate with them, they had a spectaular weekend of events, that gave their guest a taste of what The Bahamas has to offer. 


Their vows were shared in front of the French Cloisters, the centerpiece of the Gardens of Versailles at The Ocean Club on Paradise Island and the reception was celebrated in an elaborate air-conditioned tent setup in the garden.


Proving that anything is posible at your wedding in The Bahamas, you are only limited by your budget and imagination. 


How much does a wedding in The Bahamas cost? Well it all depends on you...


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