Bahamas Could See Boost in Cruise Weddings in 2021

Bahamas Cruise Wedding

Cruises to The Bahamas are now more popular than ever, leading to the expectation that, there will be a significant boost in Bahamas cruise weddings in 2021.

This after Crystal Cruises reports record single-day bookings for its new cruises from the Bahamas that will start from July 2021.


The cruise line said that almost 4,000 travelers reserved staterooms or suites on at least one of the seven-night voyages out of Nassau or Bimini in the Bahamas.

Almost 200 guests even reserved back-to-back cruises with some planning to spend 42 days onboard Crystal Serenity. The numbers are impressive with a 2,024 percent increase in online books!

Jack Anderson, Crystal’s interim president, and CEO said:

"We are thrilled by the wonderful response to these new sailings. It’s clear that travelers have been eagerly looking forward to exploring again and are as excited to see Crystal Serenity return to sailing as we are.”


Following Crystal Cruises homeporting in the Bahamas, Royal Caribbean has also announced that its, Adventure of the Seas will be based out of Nassau.  


With the cruise industry in the U.S. still on hold, cruise lines are trying to find new alternatives such as the Bahamas.  You can read the full story here

And we at Bahamas Package Wedding are also thrilled by these developments and looking forward to the potential increase in cruise weddings.

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Bahamas Cruise Wedding By Glenn Ferguson 

Bahamas cruise wedding 2021

Hi, I'm Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding planner in Nassau with another spotlight on destination weddings in the Bahamas.


Today we are featuring Getting Married in The Bahamas on a Cruise. and what you need to know about having a Bahamas cruise wedding in 2021


More brides and grooms are opting to have a wedding cruise than a church wedding resulting in the increased popularity of a Bahamas Cruise wedding.


And most of the major cruise lines including Disney, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines call on the Bahamas enabling brides and groom to have their dream wedding in the Bahamas.


If you are thinking about getting married on a remote, secluded Bahamas Island some of the cruise lines also own their private Cay.


While you may choose to have your legal wedding prior to the cruise having a real Bahamas cruise wedding is possible and really simple. 


As the marriage laws in The Bahamas allow you to use time spent in Bahamian waters as part of the 24-hour residency requirement.


Allowing you enough time to have your wedding and receptions onshore at one of the many exotic beaches and resorts and return to the ship in time to continue your cruise. 


And you don't have to worry about the planning as all the arrangements can be made through your Bahamas wedding planner prior to boarding your cruise.


If you are considering a Bahamas cruise wedding call or Whatsapp me, Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding Planner in Nassau at 1-(242)-395-8495 and I'll get our talented team to help you plan an amazing and truly memorable Bahamas cruise wedding.


Looking forward to celebrating with you at your Bahamas cruise wedding.



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