Planning a Destination Wedding in The Bahamas

Elizabeth and John share how they plan a wedding in The Bahamas
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Elizabeth and John planning a wedding in The Bahamas

Planning a destination wedding in The Bahamas is an exciting venture, as The Islands Of The Bahamas, an archipelago of 700 islands and Cays, stretching over some 100,000 square miles of ocean, and home to more than 5,000 of the world's best beaches, offer a variety of distinct island experiences for destination weddings of all styles, sizes, and budgets. Listen to this couple plan a wedding in The Bahamas.


From vibrant and glamorous Nassau to cosmopolitan yet exotic Grand Bahama Island, and the romantic, secluded, and personal Out Islands such as The Abacos, Eleuthera, The Exumas, Bimini, or Harbour Island, there truly is something for everyone. 


Watch as Elizabeth and John share their wedding planning experience in The Bahamas. And hear why they eventually choose Grand Bahamas after spending time visiting resorts in Eleuthera and Nassau. 

While for Elizabeth and John, Grand Bahamas offered the perfect experience they wanted for their wedding and guest, it is quite easy to customize your ideal wedding on any island of The Bahamas. 

Elizabeth and John planning a wedding in The Bahamas

Elizabeth and John share how they plan a wedding in The Bahamas.


"I think we decided that we wanted to get married in the Bahamas because we wanted that the tropical experience toes in the sand and carefree. I think the Bahamas kind of just suits our personality, it is definitely a romantic feel when it comes to The Bahamas.


An engaged couple John and Elizabeth allowed us to follow along during their visit to three different islands, of the three destinations they will decide which Island best suits their style and offer the wedding of their dreams."


Grand Bahama Wedding


"On Grand Bahama, we visited the Grand Lucayan, and Grand Bahama just kind of cater to everyone, yeah they have a little something for everyone their different restaurant options, so it was a good fit for everybody.


 They have a pastry chef on staff that would have accommodated anything that we chose, it gave us a pretty much an open feel of what we wanted to do with flowers they use the florist. So you kind of tell them what you want and they go off of that you know whatever your tastes are.


They had a few venue options with different gazebos depending on where you wanted to be on the grounds, as well as just the beach option if you chose that, different backdrops, open water over the rocks, so there’s definitely a lot of options.


They showed us several different locations that you can have a reception, they even offer to do it outside if we chose to do it outside.  The Grand Lucayan was a kind of in-between place where it was you know, a good medium of the two other locations."




Sandals Royal Bahamian  | Nassau Bahamas Wedding Venue



Nassau Wedding Venue


"On Nassau we visited Sandals, an all-inclusive resort which was really nice, definitely gave you that kind of grand feeling when you walked in.  Sandals give us that high level of service you feel very you know cater to, pretty much anything you want they will take care of it for you.  


We were given options of your chocolate, vanilla and I think there was a fruitcake that we tried.


They had different flowers that you can put on their seashells, depending on what style

you were going for.  Nice room, was on the upper floor, our balcony looked right onto the water and the beach there. We left our door open one night, you could hear the waves crashing just outside so it was nice, it’s right on the beach.


Our options for our dinner reception were to do it at one of the restaurants that they have, you know a white-glove service. They even had one little restaurant on the pier for you so you could sit right there and watch the fish swim one around there and the water lit up with some lights at night, so it was neat.


They had more of a custom option for your flowers, they did have the basic packages that you could choose from but if you're looking for more of a personalized bouquet for your style, and they had those options available too.  


We like Nassau for our wedding because it felt like it was, it was the place that all of our guests would be taken care of and more of a carefree feeling and less to worry about."




Eleuthera Bahamas Wedding venue | Pineapple Fields


Eleuthera Bahamas Wedding Venue


"Our last stop was in Eleuthera, we went to Pineapple Fields. Eleuthera, by far was one of my favorite Island just because of the kind of untouched nature of it, there was still the amenities that you need there, the water there was great, the beach was great. If you’re looking for a natural Beach without all the activities you just throw on a mask and a snorkel and go out in the water. 


We stayed at Pineapple Fields, a very homey feel, it felt like you are at home not in a hotel.  And the grounds were beautiful they had a lot of beautiful flowers and we actually got to go on the property and pick fresh flowers to make a bouquet and all the flowers were different and local and were very beautiful. 


You're just steps away from Tippy's on the beach, it wasn't a long walk at all.  So you could go right to the beach and back to your room.  


The food options reception food that we had to pick from on Eleuthera, at Tippy's it was a lot of local seafood, it was nice because a lot of the vegetables that they used were grown on that island.  That place there was great, the food was great, Eleuthera was a nice untouched oasis.  Kind of laid back toes in the sand like just put your cares to the wind kind of a feel to it, natural beauty yeah."


Grand Lucayan Wedding


"We had a very difficult decision when we had to choose our final location for the wedding because it took about two weeks.  It took a long time to decide because we just there are so many things we loved about each location. 


So we decided to choose Grand Bahama Island and Grand Lucayan for a wedding.  The reason we chose Grand Bahama, I think it's because it accommodated all the guests that we have, there's a little bit of everything for everyone to do, they were very accommodating to all of our requests and ideas, and I think we felt that the wedding options for us were the best here, just based off of what we wanted and how we wanted the feel of our wedding. Definitely, it's an island for all of us and I think it's gonna be great.


For John and Elizabeth, Grand Bahama offered the perfect mix of accessibility and Island feel but it's easy to customize your experience on any island in The Bahamas.

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