Count Down to The Bahamas Re-Opening Post COVID-19

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Count Down to Bahamas Tourism Sector Re-Opening Post COVID-19

The countdown is on until the country is officially open for business, The Tourism Today team, caught up with the Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Dionisio D'Aguilar for updates on the tourism sector.

Dionisio D'Aguilar says...

"So the tourism industry, the Ministry of Tourism, our stake holders, hotel operators, restaurants, excursion providers, Airlines, we've all been working extremely hard to put in place the necessary protocols to ensure first and foremost that when foreign visitors come to this country they don't make us sick and we don't make them sick when they come here.

So very close collaboration also with the Ministry of Health, trying to establish the protocols, that will lay out specifically what foreign visitors will have to do in order to enter the country.  We've contemplated testing, that seems a bit onerous and cumbersome, there's a lot of pushback from the airlines, there's a belief that if we insist on testing that the foreign visitor, foreign visitors won't come.

Bahamas Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D'Aguilar shares reopening plans

So we're looking at what we can do to give us a sufficient comfort level, that after they have completed the screening process that we are comfortable for them to enter the jurisdiction. So we're very excited, I mean obviously the tourism industry has been at a dead stop for the last three months. So we are very excited to restart the tourism industry get the foreign visitors coming here, getting people back to work getting foreign currency back into the country, so that we can restart our economy and return to some sense of normalcy. Although we all know it's a new normal."

When asked about the marketing strategy to entice tourists back to the country the minister gave this preview.  

Dionisio D'Aguilar says...

"Our initial marketing while we've been in the shutdown phase as being very light most mostly inexpensive social media just trying to keep the Bahamas top of mind if you having been in quarantine lockdown curfew where you live for the last three months we want you to be dreaming of that wonderful beautiful vacation in the Bahamas. So once we begin to open or once the data set for sure and the airlines have put their flights in place we will ramp up the marketing plan relaunch our advertising with Lenny Kravitz and really starting to get in front of the customers, those that are interested in traveling to the Bahamas."

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