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Nick & Michelle Baha Mar Bahamas Wedding

"He said mom, I'm going to get married in The Bahamas"

When Nick was young we used to come to Atlantis Paradise Island, all of us for trips, he said mom I'm gonna get married in the Bahamas when he was young, he said this and by golly he did, he's getting married here in the Bahamas.


Michelle has always been a perfectionist, when she was a little girl and my parents would tuck her in for bed they had a routine there could not be a single wrinkle in her bed and my parents would have to repeat back to her word for word everything she said and if one word was different or left out they had to start all over from the beginning and to this day she continues to be a perfectionist through both her career and her choice in men.  



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Unforgettable Baha Mar Bahamas Wedding


Nick, we are so excited to welcome you to the family as the brother that we've never had but always wanted.  We couldn't have hand-selected a better life partner for our sister.


When I found out about the beautiful young lady,  they are already started that I was going to get as a daughter-in-law, I didn't realize the great package that came with it I also inherited two beautiful twin sisters that were going to be part of the family and then the beautiful Sheeran and the rest of the family that just took me in under their wing.


I spent Christmas with them last year, the grandmother Maria and I got to spend a great Easter brunch with her so I didn't realize the family I was besides just the wonderful daughter-in-law.  So Michelle I love you so much 


You know the one thing I always found interesting about Nick and again we know each other for a long time but he was never a relationship guy never had a long-term relationship they'll hope the whole time we were together and I thought it was odd yo but he's a good-looking guy-smart good career I was kind of wondering what's going on with this guy a decent catch I think but you know the one thing I found out about Nick is you know underneath that coming stoic exterior that is him it is a little bit of a softie I would even say a hopeless romantic.




Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Bahamas Wedding


Anyone who really knows Michele knows there's one word that describes her perfectly, spontaneous.  Just kidding Michele's the exact opposite.  However, that changed on February 1st, 2015, the Sunday morning after Gasparilla.


So Nick always wanted to find the perfect girl and he never would settle for anyone either yeah you know maybe has you know short-term relationships nothing ever serious or even close and you know he wanted to find the perfect girl and he didn't want to settle and that was kind of his thing I remember.


Michelle kept tapping me it was like Jul 1, 2014, 8 and they fell in love a week later Nick flew her up to Chicago, and then three weeks after that, they took a trip together took Hawaii.


A couple of years go by and I get a call from Nick and he said hey I met this girl Michelle, we met at Gasparilla and it's been a couple of weeks and we're flying back and forth to see each other it's getting pretty serious and then he says you should come down we're gonna go to the Bahamas of all places you know you should come you and your wife, come down meet Michelle. 


I say okay all right, I‘ll go down I kind of have low probabilities of this thing working out but all right whatever. So you know we get down to the Bahamas and you know I got to experience Michelle for the first time and really get to know her and we had an amazing time and it was really clear to me why Nick was falling head over heels for her.


I instantly loved Nick the first time I met him.  A few years ago my dad wanted to take all three of his girls on a cruise, Jess can I bunk together and Michelle brought Nick.  Michelle went to bed and me and Nick rolled hard fives all night that night or should I say the next morning I walked out with three grands and a new brother.


Nick, you're always the life of the party music career-driven family-oriented and most importantly you make our sister so incredibly happy. Nick this is truly the reason why we love you so much you make our sister a better person with you she is stronger, more confident, more fun, individually you both are incredible individuals but together you're one hell of a couple.


Michele we don't tell you enough but we are so incredibly proud of the fine young woman that you have become we are so honored to call you not only our sister but our best friend music we thank God every day that you're a sister you literally have the biggest heart of anyone we know we love you both from the bottom of our hearts and here's to many many years of happiness so everyone please raise your glasses,  cheers to Nick and Michelle we love you so much thank you welcome to the family. 


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